Nothing is as promising as a blank page and a fresh start.

We are a soul-led, strategy-orientated branding studio that designs powerfully emotive brands for ambitious businesses that wants to not only capture people’s attention but more importantly, to captivate their hearts.

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Based in Sydney

Operating Worldwide

Physical distance is no longer a barrier. It doesn’t matter where you are, because we are always here to support you, your business and your forever evolving brand.

Our Ethos + Philosophy

Guiding Values


We are dedicated to crafting timeless visual identities which dynamically evolves and expands alongside your business as it grows into the wildly impactful force it was always destined to be in the world.


Our mission is to guide, assist and journey alongside you in this remarkably transformational process of distilling and co-creating your most authentically aligned brand presence to realise its biggest potential.


Through our customised and intentional processes, together, we will obtain the clarity necessary to communicate the key essence of your values to arrive at a truly memorable identity that is unique to you.


Studio Services

Timeline: 1-2 Months

Brand Identity

A brand's value proceeds much beyond a logo, product or company name. When you buy from a brand, you are buying into its psychological appeal. This aspirational aspect transmitted, it provides you with a sense of belonging, an association, a metaphorical membership of sorts within a tribe or community.

Understanding the values and desires of your customer is key to creating timeless, endurable identities. It liberates your brand from the restrictions of passerby trends. Instead, speaking directly to the innate psychological desires of its most aligned audience.

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Timeline: 1-2 Months

Brand Identity

Best Suits:

Young businesses who are looking to invest in professional branding services for the first time

Established business who are pivoting and need a re-brand

All businesses that are struggling to effectively convey their value and building deep connections with their audiences and customers

1. Strategic Creative Direction

The creation of a brand strategy is essential in ensuring long-term success. Together, we will identify your business objective, target your aligned audience and define your vision for success. This will function as the roadmap through which creative solutions emerge from.

2. Dynamic Visual Identity

An adaptable, fluid and personal brand identity is critical in our current online environment. As it allows for a visually cohesive and highly expressive set of mark variations that responds uniquely within different contexts which your business will exist within.

3. Comprehensive Brand Guide

A brand guide is a document including
parameters around the colour palette, typography, graphic elements and tone of voice. It will be provided upon final delivery and acts to ensure all future design initiatives are consistent with the styles established.

4. Additional Brand Collateral

A brand is a living organism that is ever-evolving and contains many moving parts within it. We also offer extensive services in areas such as packaging and art direction to ensure a consistent outcome across all your product, services and marketing materials.

Timeline: 1-2 Months

Brand + Website

Here is our offering, intuitive, interactive and absolutely immersive web experiences guaranteed. Designed, animated and executed specifically to engage and captivate audiences within the competitive online space.

Your brand is too precious to be subjected to the restrictive templates found elsewhere. We create for you not simply a website, but your own platform to showcase whatever your business requires and whatever else you desire.

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Timeline: 3-4 Months

Brand + Web

Best Suits:

Businesses requiring a fully custom website specifically tailored and designed for you from scratch

Businesses who want a full revamp of their visual and online presence

Businesses who feel disconnected to their current brand and website

Businesses who want to see radical results and optimise the value of their website

1. Full Brand Identity

We like to start off with a blank canvas so we can co-create a brand with limitless possibilities. The full brand identity encompasses all 4 cornerstones to a successful brand: 1) Strategic Creative Direction. 2) A Dynamic Visual Identity. 3) Comprehensive Brand Guide and 4) Additional Brand Collateral

2. Web Content Strategy

Content strategy means getting the right content, to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Here we ask the questions: What are we building and for whom? What problem are we solving and what is the goal? These are all integral in creating a powerfully customised online presence that works for you.

3. Web Design + Development

Here is the most exciting part, seeing the design come to life! Webflow is our chosen development software and it is what we use ourselves on the site you see here. It is the most advanced tool available and allows you to manage and customise content in the most intuitive manner possible.

4. Site Installation + Training

Once design and development is complete, we will guide you through the entire process of launching your fully functioning website into the world. We will teach you how to edit and curate your own CMS content. You have our promise that technology will never be a barrier, effortlessness is our core objective.

Ready for an aligned and customised brand for your business?

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1. How much does it cost to work with you?

As each unique project is different, we always make sure to chat with our potential clients to understand their key objectives and the scope of work before providing an accurate quote and custom project proposal.

2. Do you offer payment plans?

We totally understand that working with a designer is a big investment. We want to help you out as much as possible by breaking down each project into 3-5 payments. Feel free to contact us so we can learn about your situation and see what works best with your budget.

3. Can I work with you online if I’m not based in Sydney?

Of course! Thanks to the internet we can collaborate wherever you are in the world. Over the course of 2020 we have developed a streamlined system that ensures quality of communication so that nothing is compromised and flexibility is maximised.

4. What if I just want a logo?

A brand's identity proceeds much beyond a logo by itself. Within our design approach we focus on creating holistic, strategy-orientated visual solutions which encompass a fully tailored brand identity system.

5. I already have a logo. Can I still work with you?

We are open to working with existing logos. However, we also do realise the limitations that may impose when you are looking to revamp your identity. But that is definitely something we can chat about in more depth.

6. I already have a website. Can I still work with you?

As we see the power of crafting fully customised web experiences, at Empti Studio we seek to only create websites from scratch so that there is limitless possibilities as to what boundary-pushing, innovative designs we can create for you.