Ovis Ceramics

Branding + Web Design

Project Scope
Create a memorable identity that showcases the craftsmanship and uniqueness of each ceramic piece.

The Process

Each ceramic piece is created as a beautiful vessel which reflects the malleability of clay alongside its limitless possibilities. The brand identity seeks to showcase how the elements of nature, its ingredients of water, earth, air and fire are collectively instilled to produce its final form.

The Outcome

Inspired by the tactility of clay, a refined identity emerged which visually references the textures and grooves embedded within it by the artist's hand. The viewer is invited to realise its charming qualities, and delve within a state of tranquility, mystery and imagination.

Brand Identity

Print Communication

Every touchpoint within the brand, through visual imagery to content messaging captivates the audience through bold and empowering graphics, drawing in their attention through a series of posters and billboards highlighting the guest speakers.

An international festival celebratory of gender harmony as it unites audiences of diverse backgrounds to explore the power of shared experiences.

Web and Social Media

Leveraging upon the limitless possibilities of digital social platforms and the web interface, EMBRACE proceeds beyond a standalone event. Instead, it manifests as a collectivised movement, a spark to an essential conversation raising awareness towards women’s health and holistic wellbeing.

Through the establishment of a supportive digital platform voices of women are amplified as they come together to share their experiences in raw honesty.

Embrace 2021

Branding + Web Design